Playlist for a Novel

In my first novel Drive, I included a playlist, which gave the reader a musical perspective into each chapter. In True East I didn’t, the chapters were too long to be characterized by a single song. That doesn’t mean I didn’t hear music as I was writing the novel. The song from The Great Gatsby, “Young and Beautiful” floods Katy with doubt when Andrew goes missing; a suspicion fostered by her psychiatrist after she rejects him as a lover. Writers are by nature daydreamers and I’d often listen to Don Henley’s “Goodbye to a River,” and think how well his lyrics would accompany the credits if my novel was turned into a movie. I’ve always liked Procol Harum’s song “Repent Walpurgis” and it helped me write the difficult passage of Katy’s awakening, as she cleanses herself in the jungle lake. Finally, if I’m allowed the luxury of loftier daydreams, the song “Over the Love,” from The Great Gatsby, resonates in my head as a music video which would emotionally conclude the movie version of True East.